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A PageRank Check is a very complex algorithm used to measure a Web page's authority and standing in the search engines. Based on several factors, the number of incoming links is arguably the most important aspect of the algorithm. The PageRank Check of the websites and webpages providing the outgoing links also plays a role in the process; incoming links from pages with high PR "count" more than links from pages and sites with low PR.

Generally speaking though, the more incoming links a page has, the higher its PageRank will be. Webmasters can also use strategies and tools, such as networking and search engine optimization (SEO), to cull incoming links and improve PR. The higher a site's PR, the higher ranking, or placement, it receives in the search engines -- making it easier for Web users to find.

Experts argue the value as well as search engine optimization strategies, but their importance and effectiveness are inarguable; the higher in the search engines a website places, the easier it is for visitors to find, and the more visitors it attracts. This is why some webmasters become obsessive about doing a pagerank check and prefer one pagerank tool over another.

Bookmark more than one pagerank tool and do it at least every three months to gauge your site's standing, but remember that all search engines work differently, and pagerank is not as important to some as it is to others.


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